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Big events can be a big challenge, but choosing the right entertainment for yours is just a click away!  Amy Arpan has created performances for dozens of top companies, including:

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Int'l
Paramount's Carowinds
Paramount's King's Dominion
Sax 5th Avenue
M&M Candies
Bank of America
Nations Bank
The Arts and Science Council
The Children's Theater of Charlotte

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Flying Shoes? A Giant Top Hat? It must be MAGIC! Crowds will be thrilled and amazed by Illusionist Amy Arpan as they are asked to participate in some of her craziest stage illusions ever! As seen at Paramount's Carowinds 2001, Magicadabra is a fast-paced piece of magical theater that entertains the whole family!

Rec. Ages: All
Guest Max: None
Approx Length: 30 min.
Req. Space: Raised stage at least 10x20 feet w flat surface, wings or backstage area. Electricity, sound system

Illusionati: Illusion Show for Adults


Illusionati is a customized Illusion show. Pick and choose from 12 different illusions to create your ultimate magical experience. Though some space restrictions apply, this show can be as grand or as intimate, or as long or short, as your audience requires.

Rec. Ages: All
Guest Max: None
Approx. Length: 45 min - 2 hours
Req. Space: varies depending on illusions selected. Electricity, sound system

Derby and Dixie's Clown-Around


As seen at Paramount's Carowinds 2000 Season, Derby and Dixie's Clown Around is the perfect show for festivals and mixed age audiences!

You'll grin from ear to ear as you watch Derby and Dixie the Clown perform three classic routines: Dead and Alive; Busy Bee; and Washer Woman.

With a surprise "splash" finish, get set to get wet and to laugh until you cry!

Rec. Ages: 1 and up
Guest Max: none
Approx Length: 25-35 minutes
Req. Space: Large, open, flat, outdoor area. Electricity