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"Ladies and Gentlemen... Boys and Girls... Children of All Ages!"

Anyone who's ever heard those words knows that chills and thills are soon to follow!  Now, YOUR child and friends have the chance to star in the center ring of their very own circus!

This party is brand new to the Charlotte area and promises to be one of our most popular yet.   If you have a child who is ready to entertain as well as be entertained, this party is a must!

The party involves three parts: Casting, Training & Performing

During "Casting" the different roles are explained to the young circus stars, and they get to select the part that most interests them.  Certain roles are appealing to outgoing kids, others are more suited for timid kids; The director will assist in making sure each child has a part they will love an is right for him / her!

During "Training," our circus stars get to experience a super fast, ridiculously fun training session in their particular "act."  Circus Acts & Roles include:  Strong Man, Clowns, Genies, Tightrope Walkers, Horses, Lions, Elephants, Ringmaster, and Animal Trainer -- all with fantastic costumes and props!

The "Performance" happens at the end of the party once the parents have all arrived.  The parents will be invited to take their seats in front of our circus ring and colorful backdrop.  The Star Performers will then dazzle their audience with circus feats and imaginative fun!  Make sure the parents know to bring their cameras and video recorders!  Memories galore!

Don't run away to join the circus... invite it to your next party!

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Children's Parties

Rec. Ages: 6-16
Guest Max: 20 (recommended 16) 
Approx Length: 1 hr to 1 hr 15 mins
Req. Space: large open room or outdoor space

Amy Arpan of Illusions & Confusions MADE our son's birthday AWESOME!! Very personable with kids and truly "gets them!" She has an insight that many people don't have when dealing with children and she takes the time with each, stays in character, is quick on her feet and kept them awestruck the entire time! She had them in the palm of her hand and truly made Brett's Circus Party, one of a kind! I would highly recommend Amy for your son or daughter's birthday occasion ~ you will be very impressed at her energy level and what she brings to this terrific experience. Enjoyed working with her from beginning to end! Top notch professional! Love her!!! Cheryl V


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