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From Pre-School to High School, Amy is a seasoned theater instructor and can bring many specialized classes to your theater program's semester offerings.

Current classes available for adding to your semester curriculem include:


“Violent ‘Acts’ – Unarmed”

Conflict is the root of all theater…   This class will instruct you how to act and react through stage combat techniques in a safe and convincing way.  The “Violent Acts-Unarmed” class will cover punches, kicks, tackles, rolls and more.   Students who successfully learn the various techniques will be taught an unarmed-fighting routine.  They will then be asked to partner and create their own dramatic scenario around the fight, which will be performed at the end of the season for their invited guests.

When a script calls for violence, make sure you know how to perform it safely and convincingly! 

(This class is a core requirement for those students wishing to study sword-fighting and quarterstaff fighting in future semester studies.)


Class Size Limit: 10

Ages: 11 – 18

See two Stage Combat students in action!

“Three-Ring Theater”

Ever been called a clown?  Ever thought of it as a compliment?   Circus and Vaudeville have deep roots in theater’s history and still exist as adventure filled job opportunities today!  Not to mention that circus skills on a resume provide that all-important “stand-out” advantage!  Join your instructor “under the big top” to learn the classic circus and variety arts skills of clowning, juggling, stilt walking, balancing, plate spinning, magic and more!  At the end of the semester, students will present a “Three Ring Theater” experience for their families and invited guests.  Big Top-Notch FUN!

Class Size Limit: 16

 JR Class  ages: 6-10

SR Class ages:  11-18



Oh my gosh!  You were awesome yesterday as the Theater Workshop instructor…thank you!  Really amazing…  I asked the kids today, what was the favorite part of their week and they said yesterday with Miss Amy!  Well, truth be told, one child said everyday was her favorite!  So thank you again!

Kerry F. - Carmel Country Club Events Planner - June 2013

“Act FAST”

Improvisation is arguably the most useful and utilized tool in an actor’s repertoire.  Auditions depend on it; character development craves it; directors demand it.  If you haven’t learned the basics of improvisation and how to apply it, you are limiting your opportunities and potential as a performer.  “Act FAST,” is a class that teaches you how to dazzle and dramatize in the blink of an eye.  Humorous and Dramatic improvisation techniques  will be studied and practiced.  At the end of the semester, students will invite their families and invited guests to “Act FAST” with them in an improvisational invitational!


Class Size Limit: 18

 JR Class Ages:  6-10

SR Class Ages:  11-18

“Get it… Got it?  Good!”


An actor’s career depends on two main things:  how to get the job and how to excel at the role once you’ve gotten it!  This class will show you how to be effective at both.   Whether you are an experienced actor with mega experience under your belt or a beginning actor looking to start; practicing the audition process is the best way to turn these potentially nerve-racking experiences into chances to shine!  Some of the Audition skills covered will include: cold readings, monologues, terminology, dress, presence, and ettiquite.   We will also explore how to know about upcoming auditions, what to bring, and put learning into practice with several different mock audition sessions.   The class continues with instruction in character development and rehearsal techniques so that once you have the roll you’ll know how to rock it!



Class Size Limit: 18

 JR Class Ages:  6-10

SR Class Ages:  11-18

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