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For Girls Who Can Do Anything!

The Barbie Party



What will YOUR daughter be when she grows up?  If she's like Barbie, she can be ANYTHING!

This party celebrates some of the most exciting experiences Barbie has had through the years... 

Your daughter's friends will have a blast as they share in Barbie's adventures as a Circus Star, a Runway Model, a Lifeguard, a Cowgirl, a Detective, and a Magician!

This party is fast paced and loaded with gorgeous girl fun, including mini-make-up-makeovers before their supermodel walks down the runway!

Party Guests will be rewarded with their very own "diamond" to remember the party by, and you can add an optional huge diamond surprise for the birthday girl for a spectacular birthday keepsake!

Rec. Ages: 5-15
Guest Max: 16
Approx Length: 1 hr to 1 hr 15 mins
Req. Space: large open room or outdoor space for games


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