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This is the ultimate clown show for schools, day cares, camps, festivals, or an outrageous birthday party!

The Clown-Around Show was written by Amy Arpan for Carowinds theme park's 2000 season, and was performed at their children's stage four times a day!

This Double Clown Show features two clowns perorming clown routines (two non-speaking and one speaking), as well as two juggling routines, and some hilarious audience participation games.

With such a variety of fun and content, this show appeals to any age! It can even include a surprise water splash finish for the audience -- so get set to get wet, and to laugh until you cry!

Rec. Ages: 1-and up
Guest Max: none
Approx Length: (show only) 25 - 30 minutes
Approx Length: (show plus games) 1 hr
Req. Space: Large flat open outdoor space, electricity


Amy and Holly -- I know how super busy you are, I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming out and doing such a great show for the kids. It was not something that we had done before and we were extremely pleased with how much the kids loved it! Thanks once again!

Samantha Johnson • Director of Programs • Ballantyne Country Club
p 704.544.9755 ext. 327• f 704.544.8546 •