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Long, long, ago... at a celebration far, far away...

...children trained to become noble and incredible Jedi Warriors!

This theme party is based on an hour long Jedi "training session," with energetic games that focus on teamwork, courage, agility, and honor. 

Because Jedi Knights can be boys or girls, this party works for almost any group that has a love of the stories!

Challenges and Games Include:

Destroy the Death Star
Light Saber Ring Toss
Droid Assembly
Breath Battle
Cross the Lava
Message Interceptor and more!

This party is best with lots of space (and lots of water to drink for the kids, who will be running a lot!)  At the end of the training session, all trainees will receive a Jedi Certificate!

Rec. Ages: 6-16
Guest Max: 20
Approx Length: 1 hour
Req. Space: Big Yard or Big Open Flat Surfaced Room