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Amethyst's Enchanting Fairy Party




This party debuted Jan 19, 2013, and I hope to have more pictures of it soon.  But for now, picture this...

Your child and their friends will squeal in delight when "Amethyst," a gorgeous pink & purple winged fairy, covered in flowers & sparkling jewels, arrives to join in the fun!

This party follows the traditional lore of Fairies and their part in creating and protecting the beauty of the natural world.  All of the games we play will be based on some aspect of Fairy Life and how they affect the Nature around them.

This party was created to be very flexible regarding space and age requirements.  It can be performed for 3 year olds... all the way up to 10 year olds, depending on their willingness to follow instructions, role play, be creative and use their imagination! 

Amethyst will begin the party by sprinkling Glittering Fairy Dust on the guests, and then the games begin!  Some of the games and activities we can play include:

Flying Practice, Rainbow Throwing, What Animal Am I?, Season Switch, Flower Match, Dancing Practice, Moss Ball Bowling, Invisibility Practice, Where's My Nest?, Hungry Caterpillar, Mushroom Hop, and Honey Bee Helper!

At the end of the party,we create a "Fairy Ring" of mushroom caps and something quite Magical Happens for the Birthday Fairy, with a little help from her Fairy Friends.  She is left with her own very special Chiming Fairy Globe that she gets to keep to remember her special time with her friends.

The Props used in this party and the Costume Amethyst wears are simply FAIRY TALE FANTASTIC!

Rec. Ages: 3 and up
Guest Max: 20 - PLEASE NOTE:  For younger guests such as 3, FEWER guests are recommended and parental supervision / assistance is requested. 
Approx Length: 1 hour
Req. Space: Large to Medium open room, or outdoors.

Happy Parent Review:

"When Fairy Amethyst walked through the door, the only word to describe my three-year-old daughter's face would be astonishment! Wisteria was able to keep 12 pre-schoolers mesmerized for the full hour.  They danced, flew, played games... and at the end all of them wanted to take photos with her!"

"My daughter didn't want the day to end, she just kept saying, 'Is it still my birthday?'  I don't know what I'll do next year to try to compare."

- Paige, appreciative mom.




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