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The Clown Party

TWO GREAT clowns are available for birthday-party appearances, festival strolling, or our full on two-clown stage show!  No matter which red-nosed-goofball you pick, the Clown Party for birthdays is full of fun! 



You may have already seen Amy the Clown performing as a stage and strolling feature clown at Carowinds Theme Park.  She was trained by Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus Clown Rob Torres and Director of their Clown College, Steve Smith.  Amy's Clown Party begins with the kids helping her "remember" how to juggle, followed by a spectacular 5 minute juggling routine.  After that, you can decide if you would like her to twist balloons for or face paint the children - up to 16 guests in the hour.



Holly the Clown is taking Charlotte by storm!  A local Charlotte actress and veteran of many years at Gymboree, Holly has that natural spark and gifted talent to interact with children of all ages!  Her hilarious clown party includes some of the silliest clown magic ever, which the kids get to help with!  You can then choose if you'd like Holly to face paint or twist balloons for your party guests - up to 16 guests in the hour.  

Rec. Ages: 3-9
Guest Max: 16
Approx Length: 1 hr.
Req. Space: adaptable, but more space = more fun!


Happy Parent Reviews:

Amy was an amazing addition to our event! She went above and beyond our expectations for the event and made it extra special for our daughter! We had approximately 50 guests (20 of which were 3 yr olds)and had the kids and adults engaged from start to finish. I would highly recommend using her and I will definitely use her again!! -

Traci M, Charlotte, NC Parent

Holly and Amy-- I know how super busy you are, I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming out and doing such a great show for the kids. It was not something that we had done before and we were extremely pleased with how much the kids loved it! Thanks once again!

Samantha Johnson • Director of Programs • Ballantyne Country Club

I have to give you an extra special thank you for the fantastic job you did at Alayna and Sara's birthday party on Saturday May 21.  Everyone is talking about what a wonderful time they had at the party and it is all thanks to you.  You were truly exceptional.  We will never forget the memories you created for us on this special day.  It will be very hard to top this birthday party.  Thanks for everything!    
Kerri Kern, NC Mom

Thank you so much, Amy, for the great entertainment yesterday at Sara & Alayna's birthday party! Everyone had such a great time!




Parents:  If you think you have a "clown shy" kid, you can always request the appearance be made by a "character clown" instead.  A character clown has very little make-up and wears a simple, bright primary color costume.  Just as fun but with a less "extreme" look for timid guests.

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